ParoleAnima is the business name for the services of Claudia Flisi and sub-contractors.  My clients run the gamut from Apple (computers) to Zegna (clothiers), and include

  • luxury goods (Audemars-Piguet, Crova, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex)
  • industrial products (SKF, Sandvik-Coromant,  Tetra Pak)
  • technology (Apple, IBM, Siemens, Texas Instruments)
  • fashion (Benetton, Sergio Tacchini, Zegna)
  • finance (The Economist Intelligence Unit)

For example, I have interviewed dozens of ABB robots as they prepared diapers, placed chocolates, and packaged medicines for multinational clients.

For more than a decade I handled special projects for Benetton, from press materials to ghost-writing for Luciano Benetton to annual report writing for the company.

Ever since the technology boom of the 1990s, I have been writing for and about technologies as they were being developed, especially in Telecom Valley (Sophia Antipolis) in Southern France.  Apple, then-Digital, Ericsson, IBM, Siemens, and Texas Instruments have been among my clients.  My work includes speeches, presentations, case studies, and general marcom (marketing communications). 

I have led market research projects on finance, industrial products, electronics, education, and FMCG products for Business International in Geneva, the US Consulate in Milan, RCM Capital Management in San Francisco, Collaborative Marketing in Paris, Yukom Publishing in Munich, and Direction Consultancy in London.

My public speaking appearances have been on Italian television (Canale 5, Rete 4, La Sette, Sky News), Tunisian television, and numerous radio programs in Italy and Monaco.  I have also appeared on corporate videos in the US and Italy.  Public speaking engagements in the US, UK, France, Monaco, and Italy have addressed management issues, US politics, women’s issues, sustainable development, communications techniques, writing skills, career travel, and public speaking itself. 

I have taught courses on communications in Italian at the European School of Economics, the Centro Esperienza e Studi di Management (CESMA), and Newport University in Milan.  In English, I taught at the Art College Center of Design (Vevey, Switzerland) and – partly in French – at CERAM, the grande école in Southern France.

My most recent book appearance was in 2013, not as author but as the focus of a chapter in Il giorno in cui ci sevegliammo dal sogno  (the day we awoke from the dream), a study of the impact of the Kennedy assassination.

Writing contributions include two chapters in Love and Money (including the chapter that drew the most attention in the book:  “How to maintain a mistress or a male lover”).    I contributed a chapter each to The New Organization:  Managing Organizational Networking and The Cost of Raising a Child, both published by Business International. The book Brand Power, published in the early 1990s, contained a chapter ghostwritten by me for Luciano Benetton.  It was praised by the publishers as the best contribution in that anthology. 

Although primarily a business writer; my works of fiction have been published in magazines (Full On) and in webzines (Mary Lyon Review).