If you are a company, you may wonder about hiring a freelance writer.  Can’t your PR agency do the same thing for less?

I have worked for major PR agencies, such as Burson-Marsteller.   The top firms offer a wide range of services that a small independent like ParoleAnima cannot duplicate.  But for specific writing projects, they often hire people like me, and charge you their commission on top of my fee.    Their quality is no better and they are less flexible, since there is more bureaucracy involved.   

 If you are a periodical, publisher, or webzine, you may avoid freelance writers you “don’t know personally”.  You probably prefer to work with your regular stable of writers.

Understood.  When I was the editor of an award-winning magazine at American Express, I also tended to hire people I knew . . . but not exclusively.  If an unknown writer pitched me with a good idea and had the background and credentials to support the pitch, I would follow up. 

The same holds true today.   I sometimes hire freelance talent to help me with research and translations.  If someone I don’t know personally has an appropriate background, I check them and their references before hitting that “delete” button.   Think about it.

 Why should you hire me?   Your spouse/partner/friend/colleague has a sibling/relative/acquaintance who needs a job.

If you are under personal or political pressure to hire someone, then I am not going to make your short list.  However, if you want a professional writer with blue-ribbon experience on five continents, plus the references and recognition to back those up, contact me.  Check this out for starters.


 You are looking for s specialist in a specific topic – corporate or editorial.   This Flisi, you may say, seems like a generalist:  a mile wide and an inch deep.

Do you need a technician to write a programming manual, a doctor to write a medical treatise, a lawyer to write for a legal journal? If so, look elsewhere.  However, if you need someone who can turn complex subjects into readable prose for your target audience, then consider me. I have written about wastewater pumps, Laotian firewater, real estate speculators, and banking regulators, among others.  

My breadth of experience is matched by my breadth of global knowledge:  85 countries and counting.

You are looking for a “name” writer for your project or masthead. 

If you are looking for Bill Bryson or Gail Collins, then you aren’t reading this page.   If you would like similar quality at a more affordable price (and with a shorter lead time), then get in touch.

 How much do you charge?

My prices are competitive with those of professionals in my sector, and in light of today’s economic realities.  Price may be per word, per page, per day, or per project, depending on its size or complexity.   Contact me with details of your needs and we will negotiate.

{There is a saying in equestrian circles:  you tell a horse what to do.  You ask a donkey.  You negotiate with a mule.}

Not all negotiations are so up close and personal.

Not all negotiations are so up close and personal.