Crystal and Jade meet in the doggy park as puppies.  They like each other immediately and become friends.  However, their humans don't get along.  How can Crystal and Jade help their humans become friends so the dogs can play together?   Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring about a two-legged change of heart and solidify a four-legged friendship.

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In her first book for children, Crystal and Jade (THEAQLLC, 2016), Claudia Flisi describes the adventures of a real dog, Giada, in the small Italian town where they live. Poetic license and the desire to “make a difference” result in a story with a simple message: canine friendship is color-blind and can overcome human prejudice.    

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Giada was featured as the Dog of the Day online on March 3, 2017.


Crystal and Jade by Claudia Flisi